Auto Union Type C – Bernd Rosemeyer (Pink Kar)

Auto Union

One of the most amazing cars in history: Auto Union Type C driven by german racer Bernd Rosemeyer.

The Type C was introduced in 1936 to race in European Championship and Grand Prix throughout the continent.

Its mid-engine layout, smooth lines and double rear wheels made the Type C one of the most advanced to its time car in history. Mid-engine design was taken by Ferdinan Porsche from another one by Benz and Its well known as the first successful mid-engine car in history of racing. There was no winner mid-engine car again until 1959, the Cooper Climax T51, more than 20 years later.

The Silver Arrows dominance could only be stopped by outbrake of World War II .

In next posts we’ll talk about technical specs of this unusual and extremely powerful car and its successful german-nazi driver Bernd Rosemeyer, a trully speedman.


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