Benetton B195 – Michael Schumacher (Scalextric)


The leyend begins in 1995 when Michael Schumacher and his Benetton B195 achieved, more easily than previous season, his second world champion title, which opened him doors to Ferrari, and his five consecutives crowns.

Not only behind the wheel but also inside the box the history was being written. Two of the most successful engineers began his podium appearance: Rory Byrne and Ross Brawn. Their wins on ’94 and ’95 leading Benetton to two consecutive constructor championship titles launched their careers to Ferrari too.

This car represents a deep change in regulations for 1995 season after tragical deaths of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger in 1994, in order to reduce top speeds and cornering, limiting both downforce and engine power by reducing displacement from 3.5L to 3.0L and wings surfaces.

The 3.0 V10 Era had just started.


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