Tatra 607 Monoposto (Faro)

Tatra 607

The car  I’m bringing today is a very rare and unknown single-seater. There are many discussions about if it was a Formula 1 or not. It never raced an official F1 Grand Prix but its design and specifications were intended to do it. Anyhow, it must be part of that small and select group of  radical new concept cars. Here it is, the Tatra 607 Monoposto.

Czech manufacturer Tatra created this racing car in 1950 recovering a forgotten concept from 30’s: the rear-mid-engine design. After this little parenthesis there wasn’t any rear-mid-engine car until 1959.

But the point is that this car was fitted with a singular and unique engine cooling system design never seen before and even nowadays: An air-cooled engine, forced convection by ejector exhaust nozzles system that is considered one of the  most innovative invention in terms of engine in history of motorsport.

In future post I will explain more about this fantastic concept and you can see more pictures of this Faro, czech slot car manufacturer,  model.


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