Renault RS10 – Jean Pierre Jabouille (Scalextric SCX)

renault rs10 scx scalextric

Here it is! My most appreciated car. A slot model never built before that I’ve made from a Ligier JS11. I’m grateful to show my Renault RS10, the first Turbo-engine car to win a Formula 1 Grand Prix, driven by Jean Pierre Jabouille in 1979.

Although in 1977 and 1978 its predecessor was already powered by the same Renault-Gordini EF1 V6 1.5L twin-Turbo engine, it was not until 1979 when its reliability and power output problems were partialy solved and achieve its first win, the first win of a turbo-car in history of F1.

There is no doubt that Jabouille enthralling victory in French GP held on Dijon-Prenois and the five poles achieved by the Renault RS10 set a new Era in Formula 1. From then on all principal engine suppliers, Ferrari, Honda, BMW, TAG-Porsche and Cosworth began developement progammes of turbo engines. The Turbo Era was on.

I’m very proud of this slot car. Wait for future post to see more pics of it and additional info. I hope you like it.


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