Scalextric SCX Renault RS10 from a SCX Ligier JS11 Vol. 2: Skirts, Endplates, Rear wing, Engine, Rollover arc, and Rear-view mirrors.


After having sanded the putty added at cockpit cone and engine cover I showed rudely in Vol. 1, was turn to built front wing endplates, sideways skirts and as  complex as beautiful rear wing, whose endplates melt with the base and gearbox attachment from a symmetrical profile in endplates to an inverted airfoil in center drawing a U-shape from rear with a 7-shape outline, a trully masterpiece both in aerodynamics and  in art.

All these aerodynamic component are made of different paper layers pasted each other with cyanoacrilate glue, and afterward sanded to its final shape. The front endplates are pasted to the wings side, the ground-effect skirts are pasted directly on car sidepods also with cyanoacrylate and the rear wing is fixed with same screw that fixs chassis to  bodywork.

The rollover arc it’s made of credit card plastic bended under heat and fits in the original rollover structure holes. Finally the rear-view mirrors are made from two halfs of a plastic piece with one side rounded by sanding.

The toughtest challenge was to conver the Ford DFV V8 into a Renault Gordini V6 Turbo engine. The result is far from being perfect but makes a look quite similar. I had to delete one cylinder per side and rise the bodywork to the middle of cylinder heads until the sparking plugs line. So I decided to add a L-shape piece of paper to simulate the continuity of cockpit side and sidepod.

If you had worked anytime with Scalextric-SCX-Exin models you will know what I’m talking about, they always use the same 4-in-line engine air-intakes, so I cutted one of them to count 3-in-line air-intakes and then rolled over itself to simulate the manifold from the turbo, one per side; hence I had to modify base of air intakes which fitted on the engine to look like air-intakes manifolds.

I also added a pair of exhaust pipes to one original Ligier pair right over the gearbox  and the oil tank right between the engine blukhead in blue and the exhaust pipes, as the RS10 had got. I made it with a lighter gas flow controller ring and a metal circle top.

There is still one thing to add, the sparking plug wires from each plug to a common wire. They were made from a single cooper fiber from a small electric wire. You can see the final result on final Scalextric SCX Renault RS10 post that I hope you like.


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