Auto Union Type C – Bernd Rosemeyer (Pink Kar) Part 3: Front brake drums

Auto-Union-Type-C-Hans-Stuck-with-his-Auto-Union-Type-C-1024x768  IMG_20141020_205257_584  DSCN0654

Following the previous posts about Auto Union Type C, this time I want to set apart history and talk a little bit about  ‘How it’s made’.

As the original Pink kar Auto Union Type C had a rude suspension arm and didn’t have the detailed brake drum, I found a easy solution.  The front brake drums were created from some plastic nails used to hang pictures.

Removing the metal nail and sanding the face to glue in the inner part of wheel hub as shown in the photos, you can see that the solution is very close to looks like the real shape of the brake drum.

The best advice I can give is that if you open your eyes you will discover useful things surrounding you. It’s not usually about been a great builder but a smart observer to find what you need.

I hope you find this solution useful.


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