Mclaren MP4-23 – Lewis Hamilton (Scalextric Superslot)

Mclaren MP4-23 Hamilton

In this car Lewis Hamilton won the World Champion title against Felipe Massa in last lap of 2008 season in Brazilian GP. One of the tightest season end I remember.

The MP4-23 meant the cusp of complex aerodynamic appendix Era. By that time all top F1 teams outfitted thir cars with all kind of aerodynamic devices such as double-decker front wings, nose ears, wingles, horns, fins, sidepod shields, flip-ups, chimneys, shark fins…

Previous year Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton shared box and lost both drivers and constructors championships titles, one due to internal conflict which finally decided victory in favor of Kimi Raikkonen, and Mclaren Mercedes spy scandal that concluded with team disqualification by FIA.

In my opinion, one of the coolest cars in modern F1. Silver and red colours, aggresive shapes, sharps lines and a great driver behind the wheel.


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