Guide and Braids Replacement to Lower Ride Height

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One of the biggest issues I had to solve with two Scalextric – Superslot vintage slot cars is to reduce the chassis height. The original guide protruded excessively from the bottom of the chassis not even allowing front wheels to keep contact with the track, and made chassis to seem slanted, an ugly visual effect.

First step was to replace the guide. I used a steel shaft fixed inside a cork which in turn was firmly fitted between the top, walls and bulkheads of the bodywork. The metal wire passes through the original guide hole and about 8mm over chassis reference plane and works in track slot.

Second step was to install  the braids. I needed two plastic sheet, one to fit the pair of braids, and another to twine motor cable, and then tape both sheets. Notice the metal guide hole in the middle of the sheets. That is going to keep braids from moving, and also the pressure of cork against the chassis.

Finally I passed braids through two slots in the chassis and bended them backwards.

As the braids doesn’t turn with the track slot, it’s crucial to set them separate, wide and short to prevent a short because one braid touchs opposite rail when drifting or in an hairpin.

In next posts you will see the big difference in ride height of front axel before and afterwards.


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