Narrowing Front Suspension Wishbones of a FW11

The standard suspension wishbones of Scalextric-Superslot F1 cars are too wide for some wide-nose models like this one, an FW11, and that results in too separated front wheels which don’t fit properly in the axel because it’s a standard lenght axel. In the right picture you can see overlayed the nose and the wheels, perfectly fitted in the axel, and notice how much wishbone I had to cut.

fw11 suspension antes despues

After having calculated the angle of the nose to cut the suspension wishbone and calibrated the position to allow the axel to spin and not to rub with brake drums dummies or bodywork walls. So I cut and glued them to the bodywork carefully. On the left you can see the result.

Sure you have already noticed I modified the front wing endplates. I will explain that in a future post.


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