Lap Counter (Carrera) with Martini – Marlboro Ads. ‘How to design logos’


Today I’m bringing to you a cool improvement on a Carrera 1:32 Lap Counter. Martini is one of the classic and most beautiful sponsors in Formula 1. That’s why I chose this design with the famous Martini stripes.

Further than some sticks to hide the Carrera logo and embellish the panels, I’d like to explain how to design the sticks or decals for cars or accesories.

First of all is to find the logo you are going to print. Be sure of choosing a ‘clean’ logo, I mean, a computer designed logo, so you can refill the background of the logo to the colour you want. Better if you choose a high resolution logo, you will gain resolution at printing.

It’s not necessary a specific software to modify the logo. Windows Paint is a simple and effective tool. In most pictures you will need to correct the contour if refill the background. Use patiently the ‘line’ tool. Be smart, don’t waste your time working on same thing seen from other side. Copy and paste symmetrical parts. Use letters parts to complete other letters like ‘B-R-P’, ‘d-a-u-r-l’… Example: in the Martini logo when the golden contoured red circle meets the blue stripe I only edited one corner to properly fit blue into yellow. Then I used Select, Copy, Paste, Flip Vertical or Horizontal, and fixed it in its new positions.

Now that you’ve got the logo with its bakground it’s time to scale it. There’s no better way to do that than in Microsoft Word. Paste the image in the doc and open its properties to see its real measures. Now measure the site where it must be placed, in height or in lenght, depending on the available space limite. Now write the measure in its box and select ‘keep proportion’. It has now its proper size.

When you’ve finished all your logos don’t forget to convert the .doc to .pdf so you’ll block their sizes and position wherever you open or print them.

The way to print its your chose, depending on the money you can spend and the quality you prefer. Be sure to not modify the scale at printing options or adjust to a paper format, you’ll screw up everything. I use common stick paper in a pro laser printer, sure you’re now disappointed, I’m sorry, a spanish young  can’t spend 12€ on decals, hehe.

marlboro lap counter

I hope you like the lap counter and find this useful.


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