Williams FW11 – Nigel Mansell (Scalextric Superslot)

Williams FW11 Scalextric

Power. That’s the precise word which describes this fantastic car: the Williams FW11, powered by Honda and driven by the british world champion Nigel Mansell.

There’s no doubt about what era this car belongs as it’s one of the most popular cars of all times. Its clear technical advantages allowed the Canon Williams Honda team to catch both ’86 and ’87 Constructor Championship, ’87 Nelson Piquet Drivers Championship Title, and almost the ’86 by Mansell if last race tyre blowout, one of the most famous F1 scenes, not occurred.

About this model. It’s a modified Scalextric Superslot. In a previous post you could see some improvements on front suspension.

Williams Fw11 Mansell ScalextricI have also added front wing endplates, cutting the profile of the wing over the old endplates to gain about 1mm per side in width and then glueing new endplates; and some decals (chassis Mobil1, rear wing Canon, and front wing Goodyear); and repainted the golden wheel rims, the anti-roll structure, and of course helmet, body and cockpit details, as usual.

I hope you like it. You could see more pictures in the future.


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