Vanwall VW5 – Stirling Moss (Scalextric Superslot)

Vanwall VW5 Stirling Moss

If I ask you for the greatest driver who has never became F1 World Champion, sure Stirling Moss is unfortunately the chosen one. With his 16 wins, it’s the only non-world champion in the Top-20 of number of F1 GP victories. All this is due to his co-existence with such a great driver as Juan Manuel Fangio and some bad team choices.

He was active in F1 from 1951 to 1961 and raced for Mercedes, Maserati, Lotus, Cooper and others, one of them: Vanwall, between 1957 and 1958

The car I show today it’s a beautiful british inline-four cylinder, with a pretty exhaust design. As the constructor championship had never been awarded until 1958, this was the first team and car, the VW5, to win the F1 Constructor World Championship, thanks to Moss and Brooks six wins.


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