3D Printer Project – Lamborghini 291 #1 Design and Chassis printing

The 3D Printer Project was born from a personal challenge one day, after a long time thinking about the idea of applying 3D printers to slotcar bussines; and it started in a conference held at Salamanca University where I could meet commited people who are sharing their knowledges and giving the technical support in this complex field.

So I decided to begin the design of a F1 single-seater. I chose the Lambo 291 mainly because it’s a very unknow car, would be a unique slot model and I love its shape, with those cool sidepods, slanted radiators, and exposed V12 exhaust.

I inicially designed the bodywork and wings as accurate and rigorous to original as possible. Then the chassis with aal the support and holes for screws, motor, axels, pinions and ¡the diffuser! Once I place all the components I had to modify the bodywork to fit them all properly. And finally designed the exhaust around the motor…  So take a look! That was the CAD Lambo!

lambo catia

Ok, virtual model done! Time to export to 3D format go to lab and click print. There we began printing the chassis to check if all components fitted and worked perfectly. It took about 20 minutes to print the whole chassis.

printing chassis

Here is the final result. Everything fitted. Good designer, haha. Removing the supports added by the printer software I broke on of the diffuser walls so I realized I was going to need a kind of reinforcement. So the engineer begin to think. Can’t wait for next posts to see where this amazing project will end.

IMG_20150310_173337_917 IMG_20150310_173447_115


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