3D Printer Project – Lamborghini 291 #2 Bodywork printing and Resin reinforcement

Touching and feeling in your hand what few hours before was only a image in your PC screen, and days before only an idea in your mind it’s simply unbelievable.

Printing the bodywork was very exciting. There was much uncertainty: Will the complex design be executed correctly? Was the design thickness enough to support itself? What printing supports will be made? Could I remove them without breaking some design parts? Will the components fit inside the bodywork?
Making modifications in the chassis is actually quite simple, but a surface complex design as the bodywork, mate, those’re big words.

Each layer put properly was a success. Some supports failed but it managed itself luckily to continue printing. Those were such great moments.

IMG_20150226_151543_392 IMG_20150226_155121_434

This is the final result. Notice all the supports: holes for front wing, front suspension, air intake and all the rear part. Front and rear wing are overlayed, and the mirrors. All were printed sepparatedly.

You can see it looks a bit taller. Actually the 3Dprinter software due to layers overlapping made it about 5mm taller. I will keep this model and finish it. The imperfect perfect reminder of first time.


As the thickness is 0,8mm, equivalent to two printer layers, it was extremely weak and fragile. So the great idea came thinking about a new composite material: PLA fiber with a resin matrix. The printed body would be the base, and the resin would fill all the spaces between fibers and layers and also leave a workable surface, to smooth steps for painting and heavily reinforce.

 ?????????? ??????????

Now it’s time for long and hard work with the sandpaper and the Dremel. Hope you like this project as I do. See you soon!


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