Williams FW26 – Juan Pablo Montoya (Scalextric – SCX)

fw26 walrus nose

This is one of my favourite cars, mainly because it’s one of the first I could see racing: the Williams FW26 driven by forever remembered Juan Pablo Montoya, the aggressive, competitive and sometimes daredevil Colombian F1 driver along 2004 F1 season.

I like this car, his innovative nose cone, resembling a warlus head which gave the nickname: Warlus Nose; its absence of bargeboards replaced by two axe-shaped wings in front of the sidepods, its unique front suspension turning vanes… Just a unique piece of pure exquisite aerodynamic.

The BMW powered Williams it’s considered, thanks to its P83 V10 3.0L engine developed by BMW, the most powerful naturally aspirated F1 car in history, peaking over 19200rpm and producing and impressive 940hp.

Despite its atonishing power specs the race success was not as imrpessive. However, due to the extreme cornering and power of that year F1 cars, particularly this one, the FW26 remains as lap record owner of some of the past and current tracks like Sepang and Interlagos.

This Scalextric – SCX models is 100% original. The via of both axels is far wider than the real F1 car, which I’ve never understood why from spanish brand, but this give the car a more aggresive look. Anyhow one of my favourites.



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