McLaren M23 – Emerson Fittipaldi (Policar Polistil)

What can I say about a twice F1 World Champion’s car powered by the most laureate F1 engine, the Ford-Cosworth DFV, winner of seven tittles in a row from a total of 12 wins, and driven by famous former F1 triple World Champion Emerson Fittipladi? Simply the amazing McLaren M23.

16 victories, 14 pole positions, five season in the podium without being a technically outstanding car, it’s the result of continous work and development, and perseverance.

Its desing didn’t change too deeply along the six seasons that was used (1973-1978), and it did mainly in aerodynamic mid and rear parts. Most recognizable changes happened in engine air intake, varying in shape from what you can see in the photos, most beautiful for me, to a pyramidal intake and finally a double L-shape intake.
Also sideway panels, a rude sidepods, were changed in lenght to proper conduct air from radiators and cover exhaust system to improve airflow.
It’s livery also varied as this car was used by several teams until 1978.

About this slot car, when I bought it, it was absolutely wasted: didn’t work, plenty of dust and grease, yellowy livery and mising one mirror. I was able to fix the motor, I new painted the whole bodywork, engine, wheels and helmet; designed and print a new livery and used two mirror from a SCX Brabham, more likely the M23 original mirrors.

This is the toughtest restoration have ever made and I’m so proud of it. I think the result is just fantastic and it’s just a beutiful model. I hope you like it as much as I do.


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