‘The Fan Car’ Brabham BT46B – Niki Lauda (Scalextric SCX)

In 1978 we could see the most radical solution ever implemented in F1 in its constant search of more downforce and higher cornering speeds. The Brabham BT46B, better known as ‘The Fan car’, was designed with the solely intention of taking the ground effect to a new extreme level.

Based on the design of the Chaparral 2J, the solution primarily justified for cooling reasons so the BT46B had an horizontal radiator above  the engine, consisted of a fan moved by the combustión engine which extracted and accelerated air underneath the car to lower pressure and increase downforce.
It sounds funny but that desing was forced by the impossibility of implement a ground-effect-wing sidepods because of the excesive width of the Alfa Romeo Flat-12 engine.


Here you are some info about my model. It’s a basic Scalextric SCX Brabham BT46. I’ve removed the rear wing beam, attached to the engine dummy, and then designed and fitted a paper-acrylate-made box, with the 4 exhaust pipes made on plastic, and the rear wing fitting at both sides. The fan and blades are also made on paper.

Some other details include cutting the cockpit windscreen, extending side skirts, changing mirrors by a pair from a Ligier, adding a third pipe to the roll structure and the radiator above the bodywork, made on paper and cloth to ressemble a radiator pattern. And of course, completing the livery with some decals self-designed.


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