Sauber C22 – Heinz-Harald Frentzen (Homemade slotcar) Part 2

As I promised, here are more pictures of the Sauber C22 I made from a iron cast toy car.
You can see more detailed about technical components and the rude work on the chassis to fit the motor.

As I said in 1st post, I built it at 19 years old and this is a model that I feel as special and unique.

The original toy car has a cast iron bodywork and plastic chassis, wheel rims and wings. It hasn’t got mirrors, antenna, exhaust and obviously the slot-related components. The first step was to choose a good motor and to fit it inside the chassis. I cut it the best way I could carefully because it has no other support to be fixed than the proper chassis hole. The guide is fixed so it’s only a shaft. That allows the car to spin like a real car, it’s funny.

I used a pinion from a portable fan, the crown gear is a 23 teeth (Orange), Ninco Kart tyres ,an old Ninco axel, and a fix plastic guide. Curiously the axel doesn’t wear bearings. The suspension dummy has two half rails in which it rests freely and perfectly. Of course It needs often lubrication with grease for a smooth run. I had to cut some iron cast parts and plastic to fit all this components but the result is far from been ugly or bad. I keep original wheels and front axel, also driver.


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