Ferrari 312B3 – Niki Lauda (Scalextric SCX)

Put your hands up in the air because I’m showing you today one of the most beautiful Ferrari cars in Formula 1 history driven by one of the finest, the austrian triple F1 champion Niki Lauda. Here it is, the Ferrari 312B3.

Despite not having won any driver or constructor title, this car gave us epic duels with another big one, Emerson Fittilapdi an his Mclaren, in 1974 and 1975.

The car was designed with a flat-12 Ferrari engine, its era-caracteristic tall air intake, an asymmetric chassis to fit the radiator at left side, and front and rear arrow-shaped wings. the B3 was the third evolution from a five years old car project, the 1970 Ferrari 312B so by its time, even with Ferrari lastest technical updates, proved to be obsolete and its handling not good enough to fight for the championship.

Particularly talking about my slot car model, it’s a restoration and modification of a Scalextric SCX Ferrari 312B3. Initially the car was missing the rear wing, which I built in paper and wood and so its arrow-shaped is so special and unique, and the two exhaust pipes, made from a lollipop stick. Also some livery has been added. Next post will talk about the restoration process so stay tunned.

I hope you like this slot car model. I personaly love it and enjoy a lot driving it.


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