Red Bull RB7 – Sebastian Vettel (Carrera)

Four Driver Championship Titles in a row. Four consecutive Constructor Championship Awards from 2010 to 2013. There’s no more introduction letter needed: one of the Adrian Newey‘s master pieces, the Red Bull RB7 driven by quadruple F1 champion Sebastian Vettel.

In 2011, the RB7 nailed 18 Poles position out of 19 possible and 12 GP wins. These numbers speak by themselves and are only comparable to 1988 McLaren MP4/4, 2014 Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid and 1993 Williams Renault FW15C, as they four form the Fantastic Four of most laureated F1 cars in history.

It’s well known that Adrian Newey is probably the best F1 engineer in history. Inside Red Bull Racing team he was able to put four cars in the top of the constructor sheet making a skilly Sebastian Vettel impressively quadruple F1 Champion. WOW!

The Red Bull RB7 secret was a magificent and perfect combination between car underbody and engine configuration. Sorry, I don’t want you to get bored but… they were able to maximize diffuser efficiency by blocking diffuser sidewalls inner airflow by redirecting exhaust gases thanks to lateral blower exhaust pipes to the diffuser flanks. In order to get this effect not only at straights but also at turns, this gases flows were achieved by retarding spark ignition at low throttle peddal rate until exhaust valves were opened to free the burned gases at high pressure through the exhaust manifold to the diffuser without affecting to engine acceleration as the gases didn’t push the piston. This, combined with a tiny rear bodywork design to allow airflow to go by the upper side of the floor and be accelerated by those exhaust gases extracting more air from the diffuser, and a very low front ride height and a great design of the bargeboards to push away airflow from car floor sides to prevent it to be absorbed by low pressure air from underneath the car and maximize underbody efficiency by keeping very low pressure air under the F1 floor.
That one was exquisite, mate. Outstanding. Bravo.

Newey work was impressive, Carrera Toys…not so much. In one hand they offer a good and fine livery but cockpit and rear suspension plastic details are rough and poor. Helmet size proportion is simply ridiculous, if you compare with 1:32 car, it could  match a 10 years old child.

Well, in the other hand Carrera put on the floor the blower exhausts, one of the iconics of this car. Also detailed wings, flaps, endplates and bargeboards. Thumb up.

Racetrack performance is awful. Guide is place too much backward, a few milimeters behind the front wheels. This make the car yaw in a bizarre way as drift is not progressive along the car but the front moves excessively inwards the turn.

This model is a strickly series car, nothing special in it, but Hey! Kinky Kylie loves photos. She likes posing!


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