Ferrari F2004 – Michael Schumacher (Scalextric SCX)

Two absolute numbers one. Five Driver Championship Titles and five Constructor Championship Titles in a row. Twelve track records still unbeatable nowdays which include most iconic F1 racetracks worldwide like Monaco, Monza, A1, Imola, Nurburgring or Montreal among other.

The letters of Formula 1 are written in red and german. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Ferrari F2004 driven by seven times F1 champion, Michael Schumacher.

This single-seater led 2004 F1 circus as a grateful triumphal parade, presaging the 5 years domination end of two legend: the Ferrari Team with Ross Brawn leaving the Scuderia, and the german legend bending in front of a rookie.

13 wins out of 18 races in 2004 season say almost everything about de F2004. A lap-record breaker, it’s the fastest F1 car ever designed. Its Ferrari V10 engine, reving over 18000rpm and powering The Kaiser over 950 horsepower remains as the 2000’s F1 era soundtrack.

With this car, the most laureate driver in Formula 1 history secured his seventh and last crown and came the F1 Schumacher era to an end.

About my slot model, it’s a Scalextric – SCX almost unmodified car. I consider this model as my first work when I was 13 years old. It’s well known that ‘toys’ are not allowed to show tobacco ads, that means rear wing and engine air intake in white. So I cut from a few cigarette packets the Marlboro logos and pasted them in their places. A short tale.

I would like to dedicate this post to Michael Schumacher, wishing him my best feelings.

Forza Kaiser!


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