‘Six-Wheeler’ Tyrrell P34 – Jody Scheckter (Scalextric SCX) Part 2

Welcome to the second release of Tyrrell P34 ‘Six Wheeler’. We have previously talk about the history of this amazing single seater in the first part. It’s time to see more cool pics of this beautiful model and know some details about it.

When I bought this Scalextric (SCX) car, which is a Scalextric re-release in the 90s, exhaust pipes, roll structure and rear wing were missing. I drilled again two holes to fit a steel wire for the roll structure and also built from an ear stick both two exhaust pipes. The rear wing endplates are made on hard paper, as the top flap of the wing. The main plane is built on wood with the wing support beam seat scratched in the lower surface.

As the wing was missing I had to design and print new decals. The original SCX livery didn’t have the two yellow lines on the endplate but I’ve seen some different pictures of the Tyrrell with them. And also the two stripes around the cockpit, which the SCX missed from factory. By the way, the Jody Scheckter helmet design has been made by me, as the model originally has only a red stripe painted on it, and Jody weared an orange center surrounded by two dark blue stripes.

Honestly it’s not a fast car but really fun to drive as it drifts so easily but under control with resembles quite accurately the performance of 70s cars.

I hope you like it and enjoy the photos. See you next post!


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