Benetton B195 – Michael Schumacher (Scalextric) Part 2

Hello and welcome again to a new post about the Benetton B195 driven by the seven times Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher in 1995. In this car the German was able to achieve his second F1 crown, in which is considered one of the paceful and relaxing walks along the season GPs of the legendary driver.

The car which raised the curtain of the V10 engines era also represented a deep change in technical regulations to improve safety after dramatical facts occurred during 1994 season.

Higher nose cone and ride height, stepped floor, smaller rear diffuser and wings, more hidden driver with raised side protections, less power and downforce… That year in the 90s began the Formula 1 as we know nowdays and would keep almost intact until 2006, more than 10 years.

But let’s talk about the model. It’s quality, as it usually was in the 90s, is quite poor. I have updated some livery parts all over the car, added some details to the driver and his helmet, and as you have probably notice, a pair of rear-view mirrors, made on metal from a clip and a glued sheet. The most attractive aspect of the model, in my opinion, is the Bitburger yellow-green advertisement on the sidepods, which was missing in the Scalextric original.

I hope you like it and see you soon, here!


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